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Some thoughts on Open Source project hosting, git, mercurial

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Over the years I contributed to many open source projects. As a rule whenever I write an utility or small hack for my private use I open source it, not matter how trivial, dirty or embarrassing the code might be. I used to maintain a list on my home page but frankly most of this stuff is obsolete and I have since removed it. When Source Forge was announced I eagerly moved my projects there. Unfortunately after a while SF development stagnated and I become increasingly annoyed by antique CVS and nineties-style web UI. Then came Google Code. It was simpler and cleaner, and Mercurial support sealed the deal for me and I started using it for all my new projects. Finally GitHub arrived and took over the open-source world. The last thing I wanted is another project hosting site, but it sucked me via network effects and I ended up using it for my newer projects.

My friends know that I embraced distributed version control systems early on. I was fascinated with DARCS, and tried to use it for production projects but it was a failure because frankly back then it was not ready. Then I found Mercurial and it become and still is my preferred version control system. I am not agains Git, and I think both systems have their merits, but big factor why Git is winning is because of GitHub, not Git itself. There is a BitBucket as an answer to GitHub and it looks nice, but I am afraid they were too late. Even they understood that when added support Git repositories now in addition to Mercurial.  Right now I am basically I gave up on Mercurial and going with the flow, using GitHub and Git for all my new projects. Of course something new is destined to come sooner or later and replace it. I keep my eyes open...

P.S. Links to lists of my open source projects on sites mentioned above:
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