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Mobile user interface

Designing mobile user interface is not very complex. Just use common sense, think about user, and keep an eye on limited screen estate. But, some people just do not get it. For example, Foursquare Android App, which I am using daily, is driving me nuts. Take a look at the first screen I see when it is started:

4sq screenshot

It opens in "Friends" tab, which supposed to show me where my friends are. OK. Makes sense. What do I see:

1. It shows me where I am. Doh! I know where I am. No need to remind me. I want to see my friends, and given limited screen space it does not make sense to waste it on reminding me where I am now.

2. It shows me same information again, this time under "Last 3 hours" section. This is just plain stupid.

At this point, 1/3 of screen space which could have been used to show my friend’s locations have been wasted just to remind me that I am Starbucks where I have checked in just 2 minutes ago. Taking into account additional space used by three levels of toolbars on top, just enough useful screen space left to shows me the locations for only two of my friends.
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