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OWI-007 Robotic Arm parallel port protocol

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One of my projects involes controlling a robot arm. We were using Robotic Arm Trainer OWI-007 from OWI. It is cheap (under $100). We were using their parallel port interface. OWI does not offer official API, but it was easy to figure out command sequences. Here are bytes one need to send to the parallel port, to control the arm:

stop_arm = 0x05,
grip_open = 0x0D,
grip_close = 0x00,
elbow_up = 0x15,
elbow_down = 0x01,
wrist_cw = 0x04,
wrist_ccw = 0x81,
shoulder_up = 0x03,
shoulder_down = 0x45,
base_ccw = 0x02,
base_cw = 0x26

Sending one of these commands will make an arm perform specified motion until STOP (0x05) or other command is sent. Only one motor at a time could be engaged.

There is no speed control, but we have been able to implement a limited speed control using Pulse With Modulation approach.

Now we are looking at their newer model, Robotic Arm Edge which only comes with USB interface. OWI "don't offer any support for 3rd party programming for the USB interface", but I hope we can figure out their USB protocol on our own.
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