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This · is · Not · a · Brain · Surgery

March 27th, 2014

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Being heavy calendar user (my life is very busy) I recently realized that most calendaring applications lack an essential feature. There are 3 types of things I need to keep track of:

1. Events. Example: business meeting at particular time and date.
2. TODO items: Example: Change oil in my car.
3. Tasks: Examples: Finish a paper by a conference submission deadline. Read a book before it is due back to the library.

Most calendaring applications (Apple iCal, Google Calendar, etc.) support #1 and #2 pretty well. However I am yet to find one which have a good support for #3.
At the first glance a TODO item (which could be given a due date) could be treated as a Task. The difference is in how to present it to the user. TODO items are usually
shown as a list and you can associate a reminders with them. If you have several ongoing tasks it is very handy to be able to see how much time you have left on each of them,
be able to gauge your progress and pace rate of your work. If you ever used project management software like Microsoft Project you can imagine what I am talking about.
Ideally I would like to see something like simplified Gantt Chat.

So I wish Google Calendar or RTM could add support for Tasks which progress tracking. I guess somebody could put together a simple web app using their APIs to visualize some TODO items as tasks. I will be glad to beta test.
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